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Peter Matic Lofts @ Gold Coast 50,000 OLR

September 2, 2017 • admin

August 27 at 10:27pm

Congratulations to today’s winners at Race 1 from 136km.
Well done Bob Stukel finishing 1st, 11th and 12th having 3 of the first 16 arriving at the loft, just a minute ahead of the next 5 birds.
Todd Pasfield, The Coop & Dave Chaffer all supporting the GC50000 this year with teams provided by Jason Hudson, finishing 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, with The Coop also taking 9th.
5th Shane Queissner, 6th & 7th Winkypop Lofts, 8th Peter Matic Lofts and 10th Gurnayville Lofts all so close to taking out the top prize.
After the first 16 and then 5 birds there was a 7 minute wait for the next 3 birds, a further 8 minute wait for a single bird, it was becoming clear that the birds had encountered some difficulties with just 158 birds home within an hour of the winners, and just 270 home within 2 hours of the winners. Many birds and particularly groups were seen arriving from the south-east as well as the south-west, despite others still arriving from a northerly direction. By night fall there were 359 back home safely with more returning in the morning I’m sure.

With birds being seriously spread out today including most training runs so far, Ace Pigeons is spread out very early like no other year before.
The front runner at this point owned by Winkypop Lofts is clear of 2nd placed bird owned by Peter Matic Lofts by 3 minutes which is 9 minutes ahead of 3rd place to this point owned by Steve Maccoll last years Final winner.
Within 24 minutes of first place there are just 11 birds including the leader but with a long way to go, much can change.
Race 2 is scheduled for the upcoming Sunday in 7 days so spares payments will be due for payment Tuesday this week. You can use today’s Race results to work out how many birds require activating at $110.00, but messages will be sent out hopefully by late Monday night.
There are still a small number of spares for sale, home today, available at $350.00 each, all bred by Jason Hudson, breeder of 2nd, 3rd and 4th today.

A kind of magic
8 place race 1 today Gold Coast 50000.
share holders
Gary Williams 1 share
Bob Harris 1 share
Justin Leigh 1 share
Paul Rowbotham 1 share
Shannon 1 share
Paul Steenson 1 share
Paul Lawson 1 share
Russell Burnett 1 share
Peter Matic 2 shares

congratulation to my share holders in A KIND OF MAGIC.
today we saw are difficult first race, birds been broken in many groups.
well done Steve Zander

prize money for race 1 today  – Race 1.
1st $3,000.00
2nd $1,500.00
3rd $800.00
4th $500.00
5th $350.00
6th $200.00
7th $175.00
8th $150.00
9th $125.00
10th $100.00
Gold Coast 50000

1 BOB STUKEL — Australia 27.08.2017 10:26:25.40 1220.5702 BLUE FLASH
2 TODD PASFIELD — Australia 27.08.2017 10:26:25.90 1220.4789 TRUE BLUE
3 THE COOP — Australia 27.08.2017 10:26:26.10 1220.4424 BONSAI EXPRESS
4 DAVE CHAFFER — Australia 27.08.2017 10:26:26.50 1220.3694 NUNES
5 SHANE QUEISSNER — Australia 27.08.2017 10:26:26.60 1220.3512 DIVINE PROPHET
6 WINKYPOP LOFTS — Australia 27.08.2017 10:26:26.90 1220.2964 KYLAR
7 WINKYPOP LOFTS — Australia 27.08.2017 10:26:27.30 1220.2234 ASH TWO
8 PETER MATIC LOFTS — Australia 27.08.2017 10:26:28.50 1220.0045 A KIND OF MAGIC
9 THE COOP — Australia 27.08.2017 10:26:32.40 1219.2935 LACHLAN THE LAMA
10 GURNAYVILLE LOFTS — Australia 27.08.2017 10:26:33.50 1219.0932 GRAF

1 WINKYPOP LOFTS — Australia ASH TWO 1243,5902
2 PETER MATIC LOFTS — Australia A KIND OF MAGIC 1233,2453
3 STEVE MACCOLL — Australia ROBBIN THE HOOD 1212,5198
4 THE COOP — Australia BONSAI EXPRESS 1197,4244
5 DAVE CHAFFER — Australia NUNES 1197,2272
6 BOB STUKEL — Australia SPY CHASER 1189,4409
8 GURNAYVILLE LOFTS — Australia GRAF 1171,6213
9 WHITE & HAY — Australia DONNA 1170,958
10 BOB STUKEL — Australia PHANTOM 1169,1875

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