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September 5, 2017 • admin

Gold Coast 50000
the race today was from 167 km
team Whiteside/ Matic
finished place 29
with Spartacus
congratulation to all winners.

1 ANDERSON, BARKER & MOORE — Australia 03.09.2017 11:18:03.80 1545.3900 TASSIE DEVIL
2 AARDEN BELLE LOFTS — Australia 03.09.2017 11:18:03.80 1545.3900 STABLE MOMENT
3 MASELLI & MATTHEWS — Australia 03.09.2017 11:18:04.20 1545.2947 CHARDONNAY
4 TODD PASFIELD — Australia 03.09.2017 11:18:04.30 1545.2709 DOMINATER
5 NOEL HOOPERT — Australia 03.09.2017 11:18:11.50 1543.5570 TRACEY
6 BUTCH’S BOTTLERS — Australia 03.09.2017 11:18:45.40 1535.5381 RATTLER 25
7 SPRINGVALE SOUTH CRICKET CLUB — Australia 03.09.2017 11:18:49.10 1534.6679 MARSHALL
8 DAVE WETERING — Australia 03.09.2017 11:18:49.10 1534.6679 MARDI
9 KETCHUP & SHELLGRIT — Australia 03.09.2017 11:18:49.20 1534.6444 MAY BE
10 SOLOMONS FAMILY — Australia 03.09.2017 11:18:55.10 1533.2589 SOLO 2

Gold Coast 50000

September 3 at 9:08pm

After last weekends first race, the GOLD COAST 50000 birds needed some regained confidence, which they got Wednesday, thursday, and Friday with 120km of roadwork, plus today’s fly from 167km in a little under 2 hours going a long way towards restoring their confidence.
Whilst today may not have been the 2 1/2 to 3-hour fly some were hoping for, winds are uncontrollable and with just a 6 day turn around was not prepared at this time to take them any further nor did I feel it was necessary.
In year 2 the GOLD COAST 50000 birds saw a race 2 disaster when just 210 birds returned from 500 sent, seeing race 3 being cancelled, so given what can happen, the progress of the team is very pleasing and right on track for a 3 1/2 to 4 hour fly in 2 weeks time, preparing them for the final scheduled 2 weeks later.
Today’s first arrivals were just 5 pigeons arriving high straight from the north, following the droppers into the entry of the loft before the next arrivals, all deservedly taking a top 5 position.
Just as pleasing was seeing the first 2 birds dead heat for first, shared between Anderson, Barker & Moore and Aarden Belle lofts ( this bird bred by Jason Hudson ). 3rd place went to Maselli & Matthews, 4th and 5th to Todd Pasfield and Noel Hoopert, both of these birds also bred by Jason Hudson.
Congratulations also to 6th Butch’s Bottlers, 7th Springvale South Cricket Club, 8th Dave Wetering, 9th Ketchup & Shellgrit and 10th Solomons Family.
Ace Pigeons has been spread out this year like never before with so many splits from many flies with the leaders running away at this point, seeing just 6 birds in the first 20 minutes, and 16 birds in the first half an hour.
Leading the way at this point is Ash Two owned by Winkypop Lofts, 2nd and 3 minutes behind is A Kind Of Magic owned by Peter Matic Lofts, a further 10 1/2 minutes behind in 3rd place is Numes owned by David Chaffer, bred by Jason Hudson, 4th place is Bonsai Express owned by The Coop, also bred by Jason Hudson, and in 5th place is Divine Prophet owned by Shane Queissner.
Also, it is good to see results from everywhere, 1st shared between NSW and QLD, 3rd from Victoria, and two of the top ace pigeons from WA and SA flyers.
The best is yet to come and all will hopefully be revealed over the coming 4 weeks, with fingers crossed here that we can avoid extreme heat at our scheduled weekends. With 98% returns today things are looking up for the last 2 races.
Race 3 is the final stage of payments and individual messages will be sent out most likely next weekend, with no further payments at the final race

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