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Birdy Dynasty

Article from Pigeon Paradise (pipa) – Belgium
featuring “Forest Gump” and the “BIRDY” Bloodline Dynasty

Peter Matic Lofts in Australia, is probably the only Loft in Australia that you can get a bird from this impeccable bloodline. Peter Matic Lofts is probably the only Loft you can get birds bred from a close relation to the “Birdy” bloodline. Peter Matic Lofts Australia has a line bred to “Birdy”. go to our contact page to make inquiries.

Kitchenbrand-Van Beers (GE) puts impeccable Birdy bloodline on the international map

The successful South African fancier Mark Kitchenbrand and the German super champion Willy Van Beers share a burning ambition to achieve great results with the help of their top quality breeding pigeons. The two partners have managed to fine tune the renowned Birdy bloodline. This bloodline, based on the most successful pigeon in the Million Dollar Race, has made it to the very top in every continent.

Willi Van Beers is a pioneer in the sport in Germany and he is not afraid of a challenge. He has basically won every prize there is to win in the German program races. Willi has a fascination for South Africa, and so it was not a surprise to see him form a combination with the South African Mark Kitchenbrand a number of years ago. Mark is the owner of one of the most impressive Million Dollar Race pigeon families worldwide, and he has been the owner of the Million Dollar Race agency from the very start. The combination of Südhoff-Van Beersen and Mark Kitchenbrand (Burkard Südhoff left the team in 2012) has had a few impressively successful seasons with several great results, including:

Best pigeon in the national races 2011
1st Nat. Poitiers – 9,325 p. (32/40)
1st-2nd-3rd-4th-5th-6th-7th-8th-9th Arcis – 8,014 p.
3rd Nat. London 2013
5th-11th-12th-13th-24th-33rd-42nd-51st-282nd Nat. London 2012 – 1,942 p. (9/10)
1st German derby yearlings cocks
1st German derby yearlings cocks and young birds
Second time winner Derby winner (nominated pigeons in the first four races)
6th Nat. Champion young birds
7th Nat. Champion yearlings
12th Nat. Champion middle distance
4 cocks in the top 100 national ace pigeon championships
40th Nat. champion young birds Germany
1st-2nd-3rd-4th-5th-6th-7th-8th best young bird in RV
1st ace pigeon olds, yearlings and young birds in RV

The tragic passing of his good friend Zandy Meyer, the man behind the Million Dollar Race, gave way to a new mission for Willy Van Beers, who considers it his moral duty to continue the life’s work of Zandy. He was asked to provide his expertise to the most prestigious pigeon race worldwide and to start working as a Race Manager in South Africa. This was a significant decision but it was a logical next step for him, rather than a difficult choice.

Exceptional legacy

This decision will (for now?) put an end to the success story of Willi and Mark in recent seasons. However, their pigeon breed will continue to have a major influence on pigeon racing at international level, with the descendants of the outstanding Birdy having been successful in pigeon lofts all over the world. This invaluable hen (DV06053-07-900), along with her parents and several brothers and sisters were purchased by Mark Kitchenbrand after the 2008 Million Dollar Race, to complete his celebrated collection of Million Dollar Race champions. The original bloodlines were kept in his breeding loft in Germany after their collaboration, while the amazing Birdy was to lead a team of breeders in South Africa. Who would one put in so much effort for this hen? We take a look at her list of achievements to illustrate her value:

Best pigeon ever in the Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race Winner of the Knock Out competition Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2008
Winner of the Grand Average competition Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2008 Winner of the Hot Spot Average competition Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2008 Sold for a record breaking 100,000 dollar.

In the following years, Birdy and her sisters continued to achieve international acclaim thanks to an incredible number of top quality descendants. It seems the crossing of Janssen x Wouters x Krüger x Van Loon had an amazing outcome, because this exceptional pigeon family has won an impressive number of top prizes:

– The six first direct direct youngsters of Birdy have all bred (multiple) first prize winners, including:
      Car winner in One Loft Racing
– One of the best sons of Birdy is Tiger
      4 youngsters have finished in the top 200 in the Sun City Million Dollar Race 2011
2 youngsters have finished in the top 200 in the Sun City Million Dollar Race 2010

– ‘864 Zus Birdy’ is the grandmother of ‘Ragnar 2’ (Team Brandy)
      4th in final of Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2012
– ‘864 Zus Birdy’ is grandmother of Klaus Wüstefeld’s winner
      1st European Ace Pigeon Huixiang One Loft Race 2013
7th Int. ace pigeon Huixiang One Loft Race 2013
33rd prize 500 km 3,531 p. and 88th prize 300 km 4,360 p.
Sold for 24,000 Euro

– ‘863 Zus Birdy’ kweekte ‘Playboy’ (Team Kitchen Brand)
1e Nat. Poitiers – 9325 d 2011.
– ‘863 Zus Birdy’ kweekte ‘Starlett’ (Team Kitchen Brand)
Best jonge duivin RV in 2011
Winnaar van 5e-13e-14e-28e-55e prijs
– ‘863 Zus Birdy’ kweekte superdoffer met as kopprijzen
3e Nat. London 2013
11e Nat. London 2012
– ‘Ruby’ (laatste zus ‘Birdy’) kweekte al winnaar van (Team Kitchen Brand)
1e prijs Winnaars jonge duiven
285E final one million US dollars Race 2011 (‘flash’)
– ‘Ruby’ is moeder van winnaar
Triple Ace winner in America
– ‘200 Zus Birdy’ kweekte ‘Mark’ (Team Kitchen Brand)
Best duif op National vluchten 2011
32e Nat. Bourges 13.673 d. 2011 (met in 1900 mpm)
35e Nat. Poitiers 9325 d. 2011 (met in 1100 mpm)
1e jonge asduif RV & Groep 2010
– ‘200 Zus Birdy’ is grootmoeder van ‘Super 818’ (Team Kitchen Brand)
Winnaar 1e-2e-5e-6e-7e 8e 9e prijs
– ‘Zus Birdy’ x ‘Constantine’ (Winnaar Sun City 2007) kweekte bij Alfons Klaas
Best vlieger Klaas 2011

 Bloodline ‘Birdy’ kweken voor Peter Matic (Australia) zijn ‘Forrest Gump’
Best Australian duif ‘CCF Bird Of The Year’ 2013
1e Fed. winnaar 500 Mile

Willi has moved to South Africa and so his entire collection of Birdy pigeons in Mönchengladbach was auctioned on PIPA. The African collection of this invaluable bloodline will remain in the caring hands of Mark Kitchenbrand. This is a golden pigeon breed and a solid investment for the future.

DV – 06503 – 2002 – 1562 – Blue Bar white flight Cock Line bred to Birdy in Peter Matic Lofts Australia