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2013 Central Cumberland Pigeon Federation Sydney Australia – CCF Bird of the Year “FOREST GUMP”

Aerial shot of Taree

Peter Matic Lofts – Taree – NSW – Australia

Taree is a town on the Mid North Coast, New South Wales, Australia. Taree and nearby Cundletown were settled in 1831 by William Wynter. Since then Taree has grown to a population of almost 26,000 and is the center of a significant agricultural district. It is 16 km from the Tasman Sea coast, and 317 km north of Sydney.[2] Taree can be reached by train via the North Coast Railway, and by the Pacific Highway. Taree is within the local government area of Mid-Coast Council, the state electorate of Myall Lakes and the Federal electorate of Lyne.

Map of Taree – Manning Valley


Taree was laid out as a private town in 1854 by Henry Flett, the son-in-law of William Wynter who had originally settled the area in 1831.

The main street of Taree.

100 acres (40 ha) had been set aside for the private township and 40 lots were initially sold. Taree was declared a municipality on 26 March 1885 and the first municipal council was elected by the residents. In the early 1800s, the road from Newcastle to Port Macquarie came via Gloucester and forded the river near Wingham. Boats could not go further upstream than this due to narrowing of the river and rapids. Hence a town formed at Wingham, about a day’s ride from Gloucester. Timber getting, especially cedar, ensured goods were brought to Wingham and then shipped to Newcastle and beyond by boat. Coopernook similarly formed a local shipping hub. In 1844, the government of New South Wales had established Wingham as its administrative center. When the North Coast railway line came through in 1913[2], it ended initially at Taree. Even before the rest of the line was completed it became apparent that it was safer to send goods by rail to Newcastle and Sydney rather than hazarding the bar at the outlet to the river, where many ships had been lost. Although connected to the railway, sea transport continued to dominate along the North Coast until the 1930s. This changed when the Martin Bridge replaced the ferry across the Manning River in 1940.[2] River traffic significantly reduced after this, ensuring Taree’s place as the center of business.

The oldest surviving building in Taree is the old St Paul’s Presbyterian Church, built in 1869 in the Victorian Gothic Revival style, next door to the current building, in Albert Street.

Peter Matic Holding 2013 CCF Bird Of The Year “FOREST GUMP”

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Peter Matic Lofts – Taree – NSW